Providing Holistic Solutions To

Family Law Disputes

Providing Holistic Solutions To

Family Law Disputes
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Achieving Fair Spousal Support After Divorce

During divorce, one shared life must suddenly become two separate lives again. When one spouse earns substantially less than the other, or forwent their career in order to care for their children, they may struggle to become financially independent without the support of their spouse’s income. In certain circumstances, spousal support may be awarded to help lower-earning spouses get back on their feet. Located in American Fork, Utah, Featherstone Family Law helps clients get fair spousal support orders.

How Do I Receive Alimony?

In Utah, alimony, or spousal support, is awarded based on need. The court evaluates a range of factors when determining whether to award support, the amount of support and the duration of the payments. Common factors evaluated include:

  • Marital standard of living
  • The spouse’s ability to pay
  • The income and financial resources of each spouse
  • The age, health, education and training of each spouse
  • The duration of the marriage
  • Whether minor children are involved

Couples who settle their divorces out of court can reach their own agreements regarding alimony. At Featherstone Family Law, we represent clients in court and at the bargaining table. Our attorneys provide clients with strong support during settlement negotiations to ensure they get alimony agreements that are fair.

Full-Service Family Law Support At Affordable Rates

Every client who comes through our doors gets what we call the Featherstone Family Law difference. Our on-site therapists, psychologists and custody evaluators help clients find healthy ways to navigate the divorce process.

We understand that hiring an attorney can be an expensive process. We strive to provide affordable legal representation. Our firm offers a variety of options, including traditional legal representation, “unbundled” services and DIY support so each client gets the exact level of legal services they need at an affordable cost.

Schedule Your Free Consultation With Us

For assistance with divorce and the spousal support process, contact our American Fork alimony lawyers at 801-960-3359 or 866-434-0523. Consultations are free. We provide representation in Provo, Orem and throughout Utah.