Providing Holistic Solutions To

Family Law Disputes

Providing Holistic Solutions To

Family Law Disputes
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Attorneys Providing A Unique Approach To Family Law

Dealing with family law disputes can be emotionally charged and stressful events. Many people feel as if the entire world is pressing in around them; however, there is light at the end of the tunnel. At Featherstone Family Law, we will help you get there.

Our attorneys are committed to helping clients find healthy, effective solutions to their family law disputes for those in American Fork, Provo, Orem and Utah County.

The Featherstone Family Law Difference

At Featherstone Family Law, we are different from other family law firms. Our lawyers aren’t simply focused on resolving your current legal dispute. Instead, our goal is to help you restructure your family in a healthy manner. That is why our firm has psychologists, family therapists and professional custody evaluators on-site.

When crafting a legal response, we consider not only the legal effect an action will carry, but also the emotional impact it will have on the entire family unit. Our attorneys routinely consult our on-site therapists and custody evaluators when developing our legal strategies. We also encourage our clients to take advantage of these services.

A Leg-Up During Child Custody Disputes

Our holistic approach to resolving family law disputes often gives clients a leg-up during child custody disputes. Because we have professional custody evaluators on-site, we have unique insight into how custody determinations are made. Our lawyers work closely with our on-site custody evaluators to gain a clear understanding of how judges will evaluate each parent and determine what is in the “best interests” of minor children.

Contact Featherstone Family Law

If your family law dispute requires legal intervention, the attorney you choose to represent you will have a major impact on your family. Choose the Featherstone Family Law difference. Contact us at 801-960-3359 or 866-434-0523 to schedule a free consultation with our lawyers serving American Fork and Utah County.