Providing Holistic Solutions To

Family Law Disputes

Providing Holistic Solutions To

Family Law Disputes
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Helping American Fork Parents With Child Support Guidance

Raising a child is expensive. In Utah, parents have a duty to financially support their children until age 18. Serving those in American Fork and surrounding areas, Featherstone Family Law helps parents obtain fair child support orders that ensure children get the financial resources they deserve.

Fair Child Support Orders

In Utah, child support is determined by a formula. Under state guidelines, the amount of support a parent is obligated to pay is based off of the following:

  • Both parents’ income
  • The number of children being supported
  • The number of overnights children spend with each parent
  • The number of children in each parent’s household, including those that are not part of the support action

When children are born outside of marriage, paternity must be established before child support obligations can be determined. At Featherstone Family Law, we help clients establish legal paternity so they can collect the support they need to raise their children.

In addition to helping clients obtain fair support orders, our attorneys also assist with support modifications, help clients with child support enforcement and assist with step-parent adoption.

The Featherstone Family Law Difference

At Featherstone Family Law, we take a holistic approach to resolving family disputes. Our lawyers work closely with our on-site psychologists, family therapists and professional custody evaluators to find legal solutions that allow our clients to move forward in the best legal and emotional position possible.

Affordable, Effective Legal Services

At Featherstone Family Law, we strive to provide exceptional legal representation at an affordable rate. Our attorneys “unbundle” their services to reduce costs and also provide DIY support to clients who are representing themselves during family law disputes.

For a free consultation, please contact our Utah County child support lawyers at 801-960-3359 or 866-434-0523.