Providing Holistic Solutions To

Family Law Disputes

Providing Holistic Solutions To

Family Law Disputes
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Compassionate Child Custody Attorneys

Children grow up fast. If you don’t get the parenting time you need, you may miss out on their childhood. Serving American Fork and the surrounding areas, Featherstone Family Law helps mothers and fathers get the custody and visitation time they need to build and maintain strong ties with their children.

Visitation, Paternity, Step-Parent Adoption & More

In Utah, custody decisions are based off the “best interests” of the minor children. While it is possible for one parent to have sole custody, joint custody arrangements are more common. Joint custody does not mean a 50-50 split. Instead, one parent may be the primary custodian and the other parent may have visitation time.

At Featherstone Family Law, our lawyers work closely with clients to obtain custody and visitation schedules that protect their parent-child relationships. We proudly help fathers establish paternity so they can obtain the custody and visitation time they need to build bonds with their children. For those marrying into a family with existing children, we can also assist with step-parent adoption. Whether you need help establishing your paternity rights, organizing a fair custody agreement or making your new blended family official through step-parent adoption, our firm is here for you.

When clients turn to us for help, they get what we call the Featherstone Family Law difference. When handling our clients’ child custody disputes, we are focused on obtaining the best outcome for our clients and their families. Our attorneys consult with our on-site psychologists, family therapists and custody evaluators when crafting legal solutions. We encourage our clients to take advantage of these services as well.

On-Site Custody Evaluators Help Clients Protect Their Parent-Child Bonds

Custody evaluators are often used during custody disputes. These professionals go to each parent’s home, evaluate his or her living situation and observe each parent’s interaction with his or her children. The custody evaluator then makes recommendations to the judge regarding custody.

At Featherstone Family Law, our on-site professional custody evaluators give our firm a legal advantage. Our attorneys have valuable insight into how courts determine the “best interests” of the child. We work closely with clients to present them in the best light possible during custody evaluations and prove they are great parents.

Parenting Plans For Real Life

Life requires flexibility. At Featherstone Family Law, our parenting plans clearly lay out custody and visitation schedules. However, we also build flexibility into the plans. Because our parenting plans grow with your family, you won’t have to go back to court every time your family changes.

We work closely with our on-site therapists to develop healthy processes that allow parents to work together to solve problems regarding their children.

For a free consultation, contact Featherstone Family Law at 801-960-3359 or 866-434-0523.