Providing Holistic Solutions To Family Law Disputes

We care about our clients.

Providing Holistic Solutions To Family Law Disputes

We care about our clients.

Helping You & Your Family Move Forward

At Featherstone Family Law, we care about our clients. Our attorneys aren’t simply focused on resolving your legal disputes and closing cases as quickly as possible. We want to help you find real-life solutions so you can concentrate on building the next chapter for your family and moving forward to a brighter future.

Our firm has psychologists, family therapists and custody evaluators available to provide professional insight and advice with custody-related issues, as well as to assist with mental and emotional health during times of family transition. We understand that family law issues can be rooted in life-changing decisions and painful emotion, which is why we always take a holistic approach to solving our clients’ legal needs.

Helping residents in American Fork and the surrounding areas with

effective, affordable legal solutions.

Child Custody

Ensuring divorced parents get the time they need with their children.


Removing complicated legal obstacles so couples can start moving forward.

Enforcement of Decrees

Assisting in the enforcement of divorce terms, child custody agreements and more.


Allowing separated parents to adapt their parenting plans to life’s constant changes.


Helping Utah fathers establish and safeguard their parenting rights.

Strong Legal Representation At An Affordable Rate

At our firm, we don’t think quality legal services should be limited to only the wealthy. We strive to provide exceptional legal representation at an affordable rate. Our hourly rates are at least $50-$100 less than our competitors, providing you with effective legal counsel without draining your bank account.

Unlike larger law firms that require large retainers upfront, we offer unique payment structures, including “unbundled services,” do-it-yourself (DIY) support and flat fees. We are constantly searching for the most effective way to resolve your legal issue while saving you time and money in the process. Schedule a free consultation with us to discuss your legal issue without worrying about the cost.

Offering As Much – Or As Little – Help As You Need

Sometimes, traditionally difficult family law issues involving divorce, child custody or alimony payments aren’t actively being disputed, making the legal case relatively uncomplicated. In these situations, some of our clients prefer to take a more DIY approach to keep costs down.

At Featherstone Family Law, we provide behind-the-scenes support to do-it-yourself-minded people. Under our guidance, we have helped many people complete much of the legal work on their own. If you are interested in taking a more hands-on approach for your case, we would be glad to assist you in whatever capacity you need. We’re here for you.